Eliminate Greed And Uplift Need!

Thoughtful leadership is all needed to start a revolution that eventually changes the course of humanity.Thinking beyond the spectrum of oneself has always seen the birth of inventions and innovations.

Greed been eliminated, and need being in focus has always been a boon towards progress and upliftment.

Encouraging such soulful ideas while giving them a modest platform is the need of the hour, a power of need drives moral concepts. Filling the gap while solving complex problems in the most simplistic way is the key to the future.

Thinkpreneur is a simple classification of thoughts with collective minds of visionaries, which belong to tomorrow. The humble beginning on the path of change, itself is the beginning of change. 


Free Thinkers Scientists!


The powers of the Scientific World have always enticed artisans, painters and investors alike, for the fact that they spin a unique element of the unknown. Rebels by nature the artistic and scientific community never feared to become expressionists.

The so-called custodians of the society overthrew such beliefs, but then the magic of science can’t be ignored for long. No matter how oppressed in some era or the other, it reveals itself towards fulfillment.

What’s common among scientific free thinkers? All of them had a common objective of a stress-free ideal world, where resources are not at the mercy of capitalism.

We have ventured today into an era where scientific breakthroughs, are funded by people in powerful positions. The world has become one big socioeconomic entity patronizing the magic of science.

We Are One, We Are The Choosen One!

What are we? Why are we? Who are we? This childlike curiosity has captivated the human race.Even today when we have already ventured into the digital virtual space.

Science, on the other hand, has given us various explanations and answers.But then there is always a doubt on the sheer purpose and the origin of our existence.

The mystical world of Ancient Pictographs tells us unsung stories of the human race. Artists worldwide have always since antiquity been the light workers while spreading knowledge and creating a conscious awareness.

Being self-indulgent we at times forget the power of change vested within us; the ability to put oneself in other people shoes could make a difference. We could be a subject of controversial theories.

But then the purpose of humanity is well defined, to be human. Next time just give a thought and lend a helping hand, after all, we are one.

Sacred Geometry !

It’s all about passion; liberation and pursuit towards eternal soulful satisfaction that makes creative geniuses go beyond ordinary while achieving extraordinary heights of acclaim. Stuck up in daily routine we all fail to capture imaginative nuances that might coexist with us.

Artists and inventors have dedicated their lives creating a brand new world while opening untapped dimensions via their discoveries and creations.

We as a one world race has always been fascinated with symbols and blocks that take inspiration from nature and at times from the skies above.

Patterns and designs have been the crust of evolution from snowflakes to fingerprints all have a unique identity. Be it the spiral confluence of celestial bodies, swaying away with time while changing the course of humankind.

Sacred geometry is the essence of our DNA, and in the last few years, our growth has been phenomenal as solutions are all around us and within us.

Consciousness Of The Creator!

And then vibrated an enormous ray of a frequency with an omnipresent voice. I will be seen to those only who wish to see me. I will be heard to those only who wish to hear me… with so many souls around.

We are so irrelevant, just on a rock filled with life-giving water, at the mercy of cosmic. Why do we forget? Why do we forget? That we are simply and justly suspended in infinite darkness, we are not the conqueror.

The soul and the body are two separate entities the shadow of life is the soul. Then why do we hold on, when one fine day it’s going to perish like the dust we are made of like the dust earth is made up off. If there is a pain, one feels hurt by not hurting the physical being. Is that, it hurts the soul?

And then a voice echoed with infinite combustion,”time shall reveal in its own way all the questions unanswered shall be answered”.

But then does time exist beyond the realms of the suspended rock called earth or is it just a fragment, a value where decay could be calculated?

“I am omnipresent. I am past and future and the not existing present because there is no present and the voice echoed through the vast expanse of the space”…