We Are One, We Are The Choosen One!

What are we? Why are we? Who are we? This childlike curiosity has captivated the human race.Even today when we have already ventured into the digital virtual space.

Science, on the other hand, has given us various explanations and answers.But then there is always a doubt on the sheer purpose and the origin of our existence.

The mystical world of Ancient Pictographs tells us unsung stories of the human race. Artists worldwide have always since antiquity been the light workers while spreading knowledge and creating a conscious awareness.

Being self-indulgent we at times forget the power of change vested within us; the ability to put oneself in other people shoes could make a difference. We could be a subject of controversial theories.

But then the purpose of humanity is well defined, to be human. Next time just give a thought and lend a helping hand, after all, we are one.


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